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Facts about Leo ‘Adventurepants’ Neves

July 17, 2011

Maybe some of you remember a string of facts I posted on my status updates on Facebook sometime mid-may. I thought I’d consolidate those for us for fun:

  1. Google earth was accomplished by handing me a camera in 1999.
  2. I have two passports. The stamp pages of one of them had to be reorganized into volumes.
  3. I seem to be on a roll. Oh dear not again.
  4. I taught a group of Afghani freedom fighters how not to be found in the days when they were trying to expel the Soviets. My most gifted student was killed beside Osama. My bad.
  5. Ecco walking shoes are the best possible compromise between a combat boot, a tennis shoe, a loafer, and a rubber galosh. The only function it performs second to none is making a young adventurous traveller look like an old man.
  6. Japanese customs officials asked me to declare my backpack as a mobile home and my fedora as a luxury vacation home.
  7. In Thailand, adventurepants are taxed as a light vehicle.
  8. On one trip I wore a shirt for so long that I grew my own food on it.
  9. If you were to calculate my carbon footprint from my miles flown you’d probably get Greenpeace to try to assassinate me.
  10. My miles flown count is less than my blocks wandered aimlessly count.
  11. Chuck Norris regularly asks me for travel advice.
  12. Natives from and indonesian island once asked me ‘what’s our word for awesome again?’and I knew.
  13. They discovered the earth was round when I walked away and came back from the other direction seven months later.
  14. Waldo and Carmen Sandiego formed a taskforce to track me down.

Keep Adventuring!

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