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Travel log: San Sebastian, Spain 2005

August 2, 2011

San Sebastian, Wednesday 25/5/2005 18:05

It was apparently 41 degrees C today which according to my guide book translates to 105 degrees F which is ridiculous. It didn’t even feel all that hot. It probably gets that hot in Fortaleza or Salvador and I’m usually sweating with my shirt off but here it seems okay. I can’t understand why it wasn’t hotter. We were at the beach pretty much all day today then we went to Disco Burger which was pretty great food. We met some girls from Idaho and we’re all meeting for drinks at Tas Tas (where we were last night) around 8. I took a little nap that actually lasted me pretty long.



Tas Tas was my focal point for San Sebastian. It’s a tiny bar, no elbow room. lots of great memories. I was in San Sebastian for like four days. When I tell the story I say it was two weeks but we weren’t in San Sebastian for two weeks. I just always remember it that way because of Darren. Here’s what I said about Darren in my journal:

“The others like Kevin and Susan and Sarah are going on. Maybe Darren will stay again. Darren is the most stress free person I’ve ever met. He decides something and does it. He’s been around for the last two months and he’s about to go home in a week.”

…Darren’s original plan, if I remember correctly was to spend a couple of Days in San Sebastian. He spend two weeks there and sometimes I imagine myself doing the same thing because that’s what I wish I could’ve done.

Here’s something else I said about San Sebastian:

Tuesday 24/5/05 11:08

At first impression San Sebastian reminds me of Salvador or some mix between Ouro Preto and Rio de Janeiro. The city seems to be situated between two mountains and has two main beaches. Walking through the old part of the city you see cathedrals tha may once have stood alone, now sunk between buildings. The Pension we’re staying at seems like an apartment with two full bathrooms and between one and three rooms with up to four beds each. We’re booked for two nights…

25/05 Wednesday around 14:00

Muck Fadrid! San sebastion is so awesome and we’re meeting such amazing people that we’re thinking of scratching Madrid for two more nights in San Sebastian. Last night we went out to a bar and watched a bullfight on TV…

…Then we went to another bar met some people from Colorado and had a few more Kali Moxtos (a Euskadi drink of Coca Cola & wine) then we bought a bottle of Malibu from the bar and went to go drink on the beach. There were like 10 of us, all American and one girl from Australia.

This “morning” we “got up” and went to the beach. We’ve been playing frisbee and having fun ever since. I ❤ Spain.


I was really that happy. Life was really that simple. My Shangri-La beneath the summer moon/I will return again…


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