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Costa Rica – The Backstory

December 5, 2011

A couple of months ago a friend heard about a Pearl Jam concert in San Jose, Costa Rica and insisted that I should go with him and some others. He also invited my brother. He’d already bought his concert and airplane tickets and his plan was to come in Saturday and stay until Monday.

I have a severe problem with setting foot in another country for a weekend and only to go see a band that isn’t even from there. Granted it’s Pearl Jam and it’s not that far away but still, if I’m gonna tack another point onto my country count it’s really going to have to mean something.

I took my blessed expat R&R break and set aside 10 days to try and dig in and see the country as much as I possibly could.

I convinced my brother Phil and my brother from another mother (and father) Drew that it’s totally worth joining me for the whole trip but alas they could only come with me for half of it. I booked my flight and bought my guidebook.

At the end of every trip you always wish you had more time and feel like you couldn’t see enough, whether it’s a week, two days, or a year. I take what I get and I did a bit of light reading to brush up so that I could at least grab the highlights. I don’t like doing that. I usually prefer to let the wind take me but Costa Rica is known for being chock full of awesome scenery, colorful critters, and adrenaline packed adventures and I thought it would be a good bet to focus on those since urban wandering opportunities would be scarce.

I landed in San Jose on November 12th, a Saturday morning and began my trip.

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  1. December 5, 2011 6:47 am

    Nice to see you blog again! Yes, I don’t like overplanning either, but sometimes, when time is limited, you need to know what there is to see to know whether you have time to see it.

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