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San Jose – A quick impression

December 5, 2011

The first impression you get about San Jose can be summed up as the following:

Small. Ugly. Gray.

I landed in San Jose fully expecting to find nothing of interest but decided to spend a day wandering around, just to make sure.

In one day of wandering you don’t really expect to gather much more than a series of impressions. I can say this:

San Jose, though by no stretch of the imagination European in appearance is very European in the way that it’s distributed. The city is very very walkable with services and bakeries and every kind of shop. There’s a central plaza with some very tempting restaurants. You won’t find a modern subway but taxis and public busses are easily found and boarded.

I’d say the treatment I got in San Jose by the locals is almost as good as the warm reception I got in Guatemala, maybe even better sometimes. Ticos, as the Costaricans refer to themselves, are polite and– if I wasn’t just judging based on contrast with the Dominican Republic–very very punctual!

Bravo. A country with a capital this inviting is bound to be a nice place to visit, I figured.

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