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About Me

My name is Leo Neves.
I am proud to have gone around the world before reaching the age of 25.

Leo in Giza

Leo in Giza


I’ve been to so many places that I’m almost losing track. I started my trip by being born, in Brazil, which I loosely refer to as my origins, and then living in Peru and moving to Miami, where I lived for 18 years and consider the closest thing I have to home. I did a trip through most of Western Europe during a summer break in college and then went on to work in Djibouti (I know I had to Google it too at first)

Just recently I finished working in Abu Dhabi  and spent six months traveling through Asia. I saw Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan and I photographed the whole thing.

Right now I’m living and working in the Dominican Republic, building a career.

If you’re keeping up, then you can see I’ve traced my path, bit by bit, around the world, and I’m not done yet.

When I started traveling in college I did it with a heavy backpack and a simple camera. I kept a journal which I never looked at after I returned from my trip.

When I came back people wanted to hear stories of my trip, they wanted to know what sort of crazy things I’d come across ‘out there’. I loved telling stories and showing photos but who really wants to sit through a session of someone else’s trip?

This blog is a place where you can see those stories and share in my experiences. I will post something from time to time and I promise to try to keep the stories interesting by not mentioning the time I clipped my toenails on the beach in France. Until I bring out my Adventurepants again and head off, you can expect these to be about past journeys. But don’t worry, there’s plenty to tell, I assure you!

Keep reading, maybe you’ll get antsy like I did and go off on your own big expedition!

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