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Adventurepants, huh?

Adventurepants are the kind of pants you slip into when you’re sick of your 9-to-5 grind and you’re ready to see something different. They’re practical, they’re tough, and when you’ve got them on you feel like you can do anything.

Adventurepants are similar to thinking caps in the sense that they are not necessarily physical garment. They represent a mindset that says, I’m ready to travel.

When I discovered Adventurepants I was working in an office, sitting in front of a computer. A respectable position, make no mistake. I was earning a living, forging on with a career. But I needed something else. I looked nostalgically upon the two month backpacking trip I did in Europe and daydreamed about when I’d get that feeling of independence again. I would find myself at the camping section of sporting goods stores staring at the backpacks, deciding which ones would be more useful on intercity busses.

One day I saw a pair of lightweight dry-fit cargo pants, “hey, these are useful”, I thought and bought them. I quickly decided that they were hideous and had no use in the real world…who would be seen in these ridiculous things?

When I finally quit that job and went traveling around Asia with one of those backpacks I saw at the store the only pants I wanted to wear were those silly cargo pants because they were the only ones that would keep me cool on all of the Adventures I envisioned myself having and they could easily roll up into my bag.

These became the standard issue uniform for that journey. They got me into temples when the tourists in their khaki shorts were being turned away, and they protected me through forests and jungles and pineapple fields (those can really cut your legs up!). These were the first Adventurepants, ready for anything.

Next to my trusty walking shoes and heavy-duty backpack my Adventurepants lie waiting in my closet, ready to be called upon again when the pressures of daily life come calling again.

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